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The Pulse is our free PEMF newsletter that we send out when new articles or information is available on PEMF. Pemf-Tech is dedicated to educating the PEMF community with research that has been collected into readable article. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to make wise choices and also expand your understanding of how PEMF can benefit you and your circle.

Pain Therapy

Understand the mechanics of pain and how PEMF can successfully relieve pain without damaging side effects.

Cartilage Regrowth

A discussion on how PEMF has been used to stimulate the bone matrix into cartilage production based on different scientific studies.


Find out how PEMF can help with the treatment of diabetes. Understand the mechanics of the disease and how PEMF can intervene.


Troubled by Arthritis? Find out strategies on how PEMF can help alleviate the pain by reducing inflammation without medication.

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We Have A Variety of PEMF systems for you to choose from

We have a variety of systems to fit your needs and budget. Pemf-Tech covers the spectrum from home therapy units through clinical systems.

The HT is our home therapy system designed for oxygenation and wellness.

The XPSE has the power to penetrate the joints for cartilage regrowth and treatment.

The PC system has the power of the XPSE with the added ability to control the system from a PC, adding a variety of targeted protocol and clinical software.

The 3D system is our clinical system system that has power to penetrate bone, but also the skull for additional brain protocols over and above the PC.

The Flash system is geared toward the treatment of pain.

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